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When Is It Time For Well Pump Replacement?

Well pump

A well pump is used to extract water from a water well to supply your home with water needed for multiple everyday uses. Having a private well comes with great advantages, like eliminating the need to potentially worry about town or city water bans, not having to pay a municipal water bill, and being in control of the quality of your water supply. But, having control of the quality of you water supply can also have its down sides. The maintenance of your water delivery system is your responsibility, and this can sometimes mean dealing with major issues and expensive repairs and costs for replacement. Aside from major issues, there are also more common regular maintenance issues (like pressure problems, or malfunctions of components on your pump) that you will need to take care of to ensure efficient operation.

Well pump replacementRegular maintenance, as with any other component of your home, is the best way to ensure efficient functionality for longer. However, regardless of your commitment to maintenance and regular inspections, your well pump is one of those things in your house that you know will eventually need to be replaced. So, how do you know when your home is in need of a well pump replacement?

Here are some give-away signs that it may be time for a well pump replacement –

  1. No Water Flow From Fixtures – If there is no water coming into your home from your well, but your well has not run dry, this is a pretty clear indication that there is a pump issue happening.
  2. Poor Water Pressure – This could be happening for several reasons like, scaling on the inside of your pipes from hard water, low water levels in your well, or a pressure tank problem. But, it may also be a sign that your pump is losing efficiency and because of this, it is not drawing as much water from the well, resulting in weakened water pressure.
  3. A Pump That Is Always Running – Not only can a pump that’s always running be annoying and expensive, but it could be a sign that your pump is not drawing water from the well efficiently. This results in the need to constantly be running to keep your home thoroughly supplied with the water it needs.

There are some other signs that there may be a potential issue with your well pump that may just require repair, or part replacement (or in some cases, well pump replacement) –

  1. Dirty Water
  2. Loud/Odd Noises
  3. Air Spitting from The Faucet
  4. Electric Bills That Are Unusually High

How to avoid well pump problems –

Man working on well pumpYour pump is typically designed to last about 25 years if it is maintained and cared for properly. The best way to avoid many home or appliance problems, is being proactive. Scheduling yearly maintenance inspections with your well water contractor is key in ensuring it is running as it should and/or implementing any small repairs that can help preserve its life. A little maintenance goes a long way (and is much cheaper than replacement) in longevity and ensuring functionality!

If you suspect that your well pump needs some repairs, or that it may be time for a replacement, Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating can help! Contact us today for you free consultation, and let us help to ensure that your well pump is working as it should by supplying quality and sufficient water to your family.