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Sewer Services

A main sewer line allows water and waste to drain from your home or building.  It connects to your septic tank and leach fields or to your public sewer system.  These sewer lines may need repair and our trained technicians at Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating can help.  We offer spot repairs or full replacements depending on what the issue is.  Call us today to explore options of repairing or replacing your sewer lines.

In order to properly diagnose the issue, we must have a clear sewer line.  Check out our drain services for more information on drain cleaning options.   We will then be able to camera the line to identify the cause and repair that is needed.

Most common issues that we find are:

  • Age of the Sewer Line
  • Root penetration
  • Cracked or broken Sewer Line
  • Bellies in Sewer Pipe
  • Incorrect installation of sewer line.

Should you repair or replace your sewer line?  Repairing a sewer line is most cost effective and makes sense when the area is accessible.  Replacement is always an option and may be required when sewer lines are collapsed or bellied.