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Water Filtration

Water Filtration Options


We offer the right filter for your water needs.  If you experiencing foul odors and taste, sediment, and/or color, our Team will recommend the right unit for your home.  Call us to schedule your complementary water test.




Reverse Osmosis

The only way to treat Total Dissolved Solvents (TDS) is by installing a Reverse Osmosis.  An under the sink unit is often installed for drinking water and cooking.  It can even be installed to feed your refrigerator water line.


WoW_RO_Under The Hood

UV Light

Bacteria is very harmful and must be removed from home water supply.  Ultraviolet disinfection is a proven and highly efficient method for water purification without the use of chemical additives. The UV light destroys pathogens such as E. coli bacteria making it safe for our homes.  These tests must be performed at a certified lab and should not only be tested when purchasing a home but intermittently over time.

Ultra Violet Disinfection