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Sewer Ejection and Sump Pumps

Sump Pump

Sump Pumps are most common where there is ground water that may flow into a basement of a home or building. Sump pumps collect the ground water around your house and re-direct the water. If your home requires a sump pump, perform regular maintenance to ensure there is power and the pump is working properly.  Call us today to inquire about installation, service or replacement of your sump pump.

Sewer Ejection Pump

Sewer ejection pumps are usually required when a home has a bathroom, laundry room or any plumbing system located in a basement.  When gravity isn’t an option, a system is required to pump waste and water up to the main exist of the sewer line from the house or building.

A pump not sized correctly could cause failure over time and a failed pump can create considerable property damage.  Preventative maintenance should also be considered and items such as wipes, construction material or feminine productions should not run through these ejection pumps.