Water Quality Services

Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating offers many solutions when it comes to improving the quality of your water supply. We are your water quality experts! First, we will perform a thorough inspection of your water system, which helps us evaluate your water quality. From there, we can help recommend and explain the various processes and next steps in getting cleaner, better tasting water. Contact us today to discuss your water quality.

Water Softeners

Water softeners help provide your family with soft water and help avoid the damaging effects of hard water. Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium and can cause damage to water-using appliances, such as your dishwasher and washing machine. Hard water can also cause stains on sinks, showers, and tableware. Not only that, but hard water can also dry out your hair and skin!

The proper installation of a water softener can help improve the life within your home dramatically. To inquire more about our water softener services, please call Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating today.