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What’s That Sound? Identifying Plumbing Sounds

Plumbing noises

Are you hearing gurgling in your drains? Or maybe it’s a high-pitched whistling sound. Are these noises a sign of a problem? Or is it just a sign of general wear and tear? Unless you are highly trained in the plumbing profession, it can be hard to identify exactly what these plumbing sounds mean, or where they are coming from. But, it’s important to have a general idea of where these sounds could be originating and repair the source of the problem to avoid emergency plumbing situations. Your plumber can help to identify specific plumbing noises as well as find and fix the source of the issue.

Here Are Some Common Plumbing Sounds –

  1. Old plumbingWhistling
  2. Banging Sounds
  3. Gurgling Drains
  4. Growling
  5. Dripping
  6. Whooshing

Whistling In My Pipes, Faucet, Shower Head Or Toilet –

Banging Sound In My Pipes –

A Gurgling Sound In My Drain When I Flush –

Growling Sound When Hot Water Is On –

A Constant Dripping Sound –

A Whooshing Sound In My Plumbing Pipes –

While a lot of these frustrating plumbing sounds are simple repairs, if ignored or misdiagnosed, they could lead to larger, more costly plumbing issues! If you are hearing any of these odd sounds within your home, it is important to contact your plumber to first properly identify where they are coming from, and then implement the best repair method!

It can be hard to identify exactly where your odd or annoying plumbing noises are coming from, but we can help! Contact Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating today for assistance with all of your plumbing needs!