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Types of Septic Systems; Materials & Designs

Septic system

While inspecting your septic system to determine if it needs to be pumped, repaired, or replaced, you may want to also research types of septic systems. Knowing what the different types of septic systems can help you to better understand your system as well as which is best for your needs. Therefore, before you set up your septic system installation let’s look at the two most common types of septic tanks.
Plastic septic tank
Types Of Septic Systems: Materials

  1. Plastic Septic Tanks
    • Crack resistant due to plastic being flexible
    • Completely resistant to water-based corrosion
    • Cheaper to buy and install
  2. Concrete Septic Tanks
    • Durable – tanks are watertight and heavy duty
    • Low susceptibility to damage during backfill, tree roots invasion, or temperature shifts, which provides low maintenance
    • High effluent levels

In addition to the type of material the systems are built from, septic system designs and sizes vary widely based on several factors (household vs commercial property, soil type, slope of lot, lot size, local regulations).

Types Of Septic Systems: Design

Site and soil conditions generally determine the type of system that should be installed. Next you will find information on a few of the more common options:

1. Conventional Septic Systems:

Conventional septic system
Photo sourced from EPA.gov

2. Chamber Septic Systems:

Chamber septic system
Photo sourced from EPA.gov


3. Drip Distribution Septic Systems:

Drip distribution septic syste
Photo sourced from EPA.gov

Aerobic Treatment Unit:

Aerobic treatment unit
Photo sourced from EPA.gov

How Do I Maintain My Septic System?

Therefore, when inspecting your septic system, it is important to ensure that your professional is also inspecting other parts of the system (like the distribution box) as well as your leech fields.

What Are The Signs That Your Septic Tank Needs To Be Pumped?

What Are The Signs That Your Septic System Needs To Be Replaced?

In conclusion, whether you are having a septic system installed for the first time, or you need your existing septic tank to be replaced, it is important to factor the above into your decision. Our professionals at Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating can assist in choosing from the different types of septic systems to determine which is best for your needs.

At Kulk’s Plumbing we provide septic system installation, septic tank replacement and diagnostic services.

In the event that you have an emergency, we offer 24 hour emergency plumbing.