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The Importance Of Annual Boiler Service

Boiler service

There are several important checks and inspections that are completed during an annual boiler service appointment. This will include checking your boiler for any gas leaks or corrosion, checking the boiler controls, checking energy efficiency, checking all main interior and exterior components, etc.

Did you know that if you ever need to make a claim on your home insurance for your boiler that the majority of insurance companies will need to see proof of annual boiler service prior to claim approval? Did you know that if you do not have this proof to show your claim will likely be rejected? But, meeting insurance boiler cover claim requirements is not the only reason why annual boiler service is so important.

Top reasons for annual boiler service:

  1. Maintenance equipmentSafety – A boiler that is faulty can be way more than just an annoyance, it can actually be dangerous! Leaking boilers can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. During your annual boiler service, your professional will check for, and fix any leaks or weakened areas. One of the areas where carbon monoxide can leak from is your flue pipe if there are small holes present. Inspecting this pipe, and repairing any holes is very important in preventing dangerous leakages. Additionally, the chamber walls of your boiler can also corrode and form holes if soot is allowed to build up within it (combustion chamber is where fuel mixes with air and is ignited to generate heat).
  2. Energy Efficiency – Making sure that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible is important in saving you money and avoiding energy waste. Your boiler engineer should be checking the efficiency of your boiler, and performing (or suggesting) changes to increase efficiency during your annual service appointment.
  3. Extend Boiler Life – By proactively maintaining your boiler and completing minor repairs as they arise, you can help preserve the functionality of your boiler, and prevent larger issues created by ignoring (or being unaware of) minor problems.
  4. Insurance Claims – As mentioned above, claims on your home insurance for your boiler are often rejected if you do not have proof of annual inspections and/or services.
  5. Legality (commercial boilers) – Businesses are legally obligated to keep gas, LPG, and oil appliances/installations maintained and inspected to ensure safe use. Annual boiler inspections fall within these legal obligations.

Boiler service
Many homeowners don’t even consider calling for boiler services until there is a problem. Waiting until there is an issue can lead to more expensive repairs or replacement costs, discomfort caused by having no heat or hot water on a very cold night, and serious safety concerns.

For safety, efficiency, insurance, legal, and boiler life extending purposes, it is important to schedule boiler services every year. Preventative/proactive maintenance is always better than reactive repair. Contact Kulk’s Heating & Plumbing to schedule your annual boiler service and ensure that your family, your wallet, and your home are safe – prior to winter!