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How To Find The Source Of A Water Leak In Home

Water leak

Any sort of water leak in your home should be taken very seriously. However, water leaks are not always as easily identifiable as seeing a puddle. Sometimes, finding the source of a water leak can be challenging.

If you notice any of the following things happening in your home, you may be experiencing a hidden water leak.

  1. Sound of continuous water running with nothing turned on
  2. Changes in your water meter reading when water isn’t being used.
  3. Water bill escalation
  4. Wet, soggy, moist, or discolored walls or floors
  5. Warm spots in your floor

If you’ve noticed any of the above things happening in your home and you suspect that there is a hidden water leak, here are some suggestions to help find the source:




If during this inspection you believe you have found the source of your water leak, it is important to remedy this issue as soon as possible. A water leak left untreated can result in dangerous mold growth and/or damages associated with flooding or burst pipes. Mold remediation and flood damages can be extremely serious and expensive.

If you suspect for any reason that there is some sort of water leakage within your home, we suggest calling a plumber immediately, to prevent these bigger issues from occurring. Your plumber can both identify the source, and repair it. In some cases, these leaks may be small and can be repaired without calling a professional. If you believe that you found the source of your water leak, and you were able to repair it yourself, but you are still experiencing potential hidden leak signs, this could be an indication that the problem wasn’t fixed completely/correctly, that there is a bigger problem, or that the actual source was not discovered. In some cases, your water leak could be stemming from an issue with your main water line.

It is important to take every situation involving water leaking in your home very seriously. Contact Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating for any of your plumbing needs. If you are experiencing flooding, or any other emergency plumbing situation, we are available 24.7 to help in these unpredictable situations.