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How Does A Constant Pressure Well Pump Work?

Constant pressure pump

You may be wondering; what is a constant pressure well pump and how does it work? Well, a constant pressure well pump provides even, constant water pressure throughout your home or business. This constant pressure eliminates pressure fluctuations within your home during water usage. With a constant power pressure pump, you can run multiple units within your home such as the dishwasher, washing machine, shower, or sprinkler system at one time. You will not have to worry about a weakened pressure, or inefficient water supply.

Well pump system

How Does A Standard Pressure System Work?

In a standard well pump system, the pump will start once the pressure within the pressure tank drops to a certain point. This drop triggers the system to know that it needs a “refill”. When this indication occurs, the pump will fill the tank until the pressure is restored to the “cut-off” point. The cutoff point helps the system to know when it should stop. Because of the way a standard system works, if too many appliances needing water are used at once, it can result in a pressure drop in the tank, which is what causes low water pressure and inconsistencies. If this happens frequently, it can wear on your pump due to the need for repeated on/off cycles.

How Does A Constant Pressure Well Pump Work?

With a constant pressure well pump, as flow demand changes, the motor speed on your pump will change to maintain a constant pressure. In a typical constant pressure water pump, the submersible pump works by pushing water up through a drop pipe to the surface. A check valve will keep the water from flowing back into the well so that when the pressure in the system drops by 5 psi, a sensor will indicate to the pump that it’s time to turn on.

Constant pressure well pump

What Are The Benefits Of A Constant Pressure Well Pump?

Can I Convert My Standard Well Pump To A Constant Pressure Well Pump?

In some cases, the answer is yes, and this modification can be achieved by replacing a few components (like the pressure switch). However, in other scenarios, it may be a more sensible option to update the entire system instead. One of our experienced technicians will be able to provide you all the info you need about your personal needs.

Where can a Constant Pressure System be used?

A constant pressure system can be used for both private wells, and municipal water systems. In cases where your home or business requires high water demand and you are constantly dealing with low water pressure, a constant pressure well pump may be an ideal choice for you. If you recently added more demand to your home such as an additional bathroom, you may also want to consider upgrading. Not only can it be annoying to deal with fluctuating pressure, but it also can lead to higher energy bills. If your home struggles with low or fluctuating water pressure, and/or you believe you could benefit from a constant pressure system, contact Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating today for more information and to schedule your install!

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