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Heating System Options for Your Home

Heating systems

Learning about the various options you have for your home heating system can help make the selection process less overwhelming. Researching different heating systems on the market can ensure a more informed decision. Specifically focus on technology advancements and the systems options you have available to you. So you can make a more energy efficient choice.

There are two main types of home systems: central heat and direct heat.

Heating system


Here at Kulk’s Plumbing and Heating we offer both furnace and boiler installation and repair services for your unique home’s heating system options. As licensed plumbers and heating technicians we have a team of professionals that can perform annual service packages, provide maintenance tips, repair services and help you best access if you need to have a whole new heating system installed.

Furnace vs. Boiler-What is the difference between these heating systems?

Furnaces: heat air to move through vents in your home

Forced hot air is a common name used for furnaces. Whether you have a gas or oil-fired furnace, the fuel is mixed with air, burned, and then the metal heat exchanger transfers to air. This air is then pushed by a furnace fan through the ductwork.

Boilers: heat water to circulate through pipes to warm your home

Hot water boiler heating systems distribute heat in by passing hot water through your pipes. These pipes run through the radiators throughout your home. Once the water has passed through the system, the cool water returns to the boiler to be reheated. Much like furnaces, a boiler uses either gas or oil to pump the hot water through the pipes to radiators.

Common signs that your heating system needs maintenance:

Certainly we can help you to determine if your heating system needs to be repaired or replaced. As the cooler weather moves in it’s a good idea to start preparing your house in fall for winter.

Contact Kulk’s Heating & Plumbing to review the home heating systems options available and/or for your yearly heating system service. If you’re in need of immediate repair, we offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing service.