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Furnace Repair in Wappingers Falls


Kulk’s Plumbing and Heating is available to handle all of your furnace repair needs in Wappingers Falls and surrounding areas. If your furnace isn’t functioning properly or isn’t heating your home or business, give our professionals a call or send us an e-mail. We can often provide same-day furnace repair service.

Our team of furnace repair experts is familiar with repairing a wide range of furnace problems, including:

Failure to produce enough heat
Failing to circulate air
Cycling too frequently
Unusual noises
Not turning on or off
Pilot light or ignition issues
Or any other performance problems

And should your broken furnace be beyond repair, the team at Kulk’s Plumbing and Heating is also experienced in furnace replacement. We can remove your old broken furnace and install a new furnace in its place.

Stop struggling without heat; give Kulk’s Plumbing and Heating a call today!