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Do I Need A Well Pump Replacement?

Well pump replacement

If you have a private well, you already know that it comes with responsibilities to ensure quality water supply, like well pump repairs and maintenance, and when necessary; a well pump replacement. Your well pump is the device used to extract water from your well system and pump it into your home. While having a private well comes with more responsibility, it also offers several advantages like; not having to rely on town water (and the potential bans that come with it), and never having to pay a municipal water bill. Regular well pump maintenance is important in ensuring effective functionality of all components of the well pump. Over the lifespan of your well water pump, you’ll likely need to complete repairs, and eventually you will need a well pump replacement.

If you are having the following issues with your well pump, it’s a pretty good indication that it is time for a well pump replacement –

  1. Well pumpI Have No Water – If water is not coming into your home’s fixtures from your well, this is most likely a well pump issue (unless your well has run dry) requiring a well pump replacement.
  2. My Water Pressure Is Reduced– While a number of factors can lead to low water pressure, in some cases, it can be a result of your pump losing efficiency, resulting in the drawing of less water from your well. If it has been determined that low pressure is not caused by scaling on the inside of your pipes due to hard water, low water levels, or a pressure tank issue, you can likely conclude that it is your pump, and you will need well pump replacement.
  3. My Well Pump Is Constantly Running – This could be due to a pressure issue within your tank, or it could be indicating that your pump is no longer efficiently drawing from your well. If it is determined by your plumber that it is not a tank issue, they will like suggest replacing your well pump.

Some other indications that your well pump may no longer be functioning properly –

Experiencing Drought Conditions?

If you are getting air in your water lines, this could be due to low water levels. In the case of drought scenarios, you may need to adjust your pump to place it deeper into the well. Signs of low water levels are;

Is My Well Pump The Correct Size?

Man using well pumpThe size of a well pump is calculated by the size of the system, fixtures (inside and outside), appliances, depth of well and recovery rate, and water supply needed (during peak demand). If you suspect this was not originally calculated correctly, or you’ve added to the demand (like adding an additional bathroom), you may need a well pump replacement to better suit your home’s needs.

How Deep Is My Well?

There are a few different types of wells that will help to determine what the depth of your well is.

  1. Dug Well – Created by a backhoe and is typically 30 feet deep or less.
  2. Driven Well – These wells have a maximum depth of 50 feet.
  3. Drilled Well – Drilled wells can extend hundreds of feet into the ground.

As with any other home maintenance item, regular repairs and maintenance practices are key in ensuring full life expectancy. The same holds true for your well pump. The quality of your water depends on maintaining your well pump and well system properly. If you suspect that your pump may be demonstrating some of these signs of inefficiency, it may be time for a well pump replacement. Contact Kulk’s Plumbing today for well pump repair and well pump replacement services; the quality of your water depends on it!