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Do I Have A Main Sewer Line Clog?

Main sewer line clog

A main sewer line clog can be caused by a few things and will often lead to waste water draining into your home. A main sewer line clog typically causes water to back up out of a drain or plumbing system. Some warning signs can be mistaken for a simple fixture backup or singular problem, and because of this, homeowners are not always aware that their problem is as serious as a main sewer line clog.

Reasons for A Main Sewer Line Clog –

  1. Broken Pipes

Broken pipesA broken or ruptured pipe will lead to improper drainage of your sewage. Some things that can lead to broken or ruptured pipes are soil shifting, settling, increased traffic on above ground, heavy construction equipment, corrosion, leaking joints, etc.

  1. Tree Root Pipe Penetration

As trees grow, their root systems expand and search for water sources. Since your pipes carry moisture, tree roots are attracted to them. If a tree penetrates your pipe, this can lead to leaks and breakage, especially as they continue to grow and expand.

  1. Repetitive Flushing of Non-Flushable Items

While a clogged toilet isn’t the end of the world, being mindful of what you flush is extremely important. Items that are damaging to flush may not appear damaging at first, but they could be building up and causing blockages deep within your pipes. Continued flushing of these items can lead to a large buildup and main sewer line clog. Even some flush friendly products are not great for your pipes, so be cautious.

  1. Obstructions Within Pipes

An obstruction within a pipe can be caused by any assortment of things, some of which we’ve already mentioned like tree roots, and items to avoid flushing. Any sort of obstruction leads to improper drainage from your sewer, which can lead to a main line clog and/or breakage of your pipes.

  1. Sagging Sewer Line

The sagging of a sewer line occurs when a section of your pipe has sunk due to soil shifting or soil conditions. This sagging sewer line is referred to as “bellied” and this low spot will begin to collect water and waste overtime; leading to obstructions.

  1. Grease or Other Harmful Items In Drain

Grease and fats should never be poured down a drain. As they cool, they solidify leading to buildup and large blockages in your pipes. Many homeowners are under the misconception that running hot water while pouring grease down your drain helps to counteract this solidifying effect, but this is not true, and remnants can still be left behind to solidify when the cold water is turned on. Avoid putting THESE ITEMS down your drain.

Warning Signs Of A Main Sewer Line Clog –

  1. Frequent Backups

A rare backup happens, but if it’s happening often, it’s time to call your plumber! Also – be sure to avoid damaging chemical drain cleaners.

  1. More Than One Backup At A Time

This is a good indication of a main sewer line clog because if it were an individual plumbing item that was clogged (like your toilet), it shouldn’t affect other plumbing fixtures like your sink drain.

  1. Flushing The Toilet Leads To Water Backup In Tub

main sewer line clogIf water is backing up into your tub when your flush your toilet, or if your toilet bubbles when your run water in the sink, this is a good indication of a clogged sewer line.

  1. Sewage Draining Out of Your Sewer Cleanout

A sewer cleanout is the pipe that connects directly to your home’s sewer line, giving your plumber direct access to clear blockages. If sewage is coming out of this, you have a main sewer line clog.

  1. Sewage Backing Into Home

A dead giveaway that your main sewer line is clogged is if waste water and sewage begins backing up into your home. You may see this in your drains, toilet, or other areas that the sewage can escape through.

 Main Sewer Line Repair or Replacement –

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or see any of these warning signs around your home, you will want to call your plumber ASAP to inspect your sewer line to first diagnose the problem and then perform a repair or, if needed, replacement.

Video Inspection –

At Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating we have video technology that allows us to see inside your pipes to find exactly where the problem is occurring. This allows us to see things that are otherwise hidden. Additionally, we also offer homeowners the option to purchase a copy of the video of their pipes with before and after footage.

Contact Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating for your inspection today so we can find the route of your main sewer line clog! From there we can determine whether we can repair your sewer line or if it needs replacement. For emergency plumbing situations, we are available 24.7!