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Clogged Drain?


Have you been noticing that your sink drain is letting water down slowly? Do you have standing water in your sink? You most likely have a clogged sink drain.

There are several reasons why you may have a clogged sink drain. Below are some common problems that are often the cause of a clogged sink:


Hair caught in pipe walls is the most common reason why bathroom sinks clog. When hair comes in contact with water, wet hair collects more wet hair until a clump forms. This clump resists the water flow. Facial hair, pet fur, and/or long hair all will catch on the pipe and create build up over time.

P-trap clogged sing drain

The p-trap is located beneath the sink where the drain pipe bends. This pipe connects to a larger drain pipe that leads to the sewer. This bend holds water to create suction that is necessary for the drain to clear. Often times this section collects small items (i.e. chunks of soap, earrings) and causes an odd stuttering noise as water moves down the drain.

Soap Scum

A sink clogged by soap scum happens when the chemicals in the soap react with ions in the water. The chalk like film clings to the walls of the pipes and over time, a layer of scum adheres to the pipe walls and slows down the flow of water.

Damaged Pipes

It may be difficult to avoid the aging process of pipes such as pipe corrosion, or rust build up on the inner pipe wall. However, being mindful to not dent pipes or to check pipe joints to make sure they are securely fastened can help extend the longevity of them. Therefore, calling a professional plumber to evaluate the status of your pipes can help eliminate larger plumbing problems.

Now that we know a few reasons as to why you may be experiencing an issue with your drain, let’s learn how to unclog a sink. Drain cleaning is one of the top reasons that a plumber is called for emergency services.

Prevention is Key

There are many DIY methods to help avoid clogging. For example, running hot water after brushing your teeth or washing your hands with soap can help to dissolve the solvents before they adhere to the pipes. Prevention and solutions for a clogged sink drain are paramount for drain health.

Chemical cleaner
Chemical Drain Cleaner for a Clogged Sink
First, knowing the source of a clogged sink drain is important. Whether it’s a simple buildup or a larger problem like a fully clogged drain, it is important to understand that using a DIY chemical drain cleaner is not recommended as it can cause more bad than good. The safest way to deal with a home plumbing problem is to call a professional.

Snaking a drain vs Hydro-Jetting

Snaking a drain only temporarily fixes a minor backup. Hydro jetting has been found to be more useful in remedying plumbing problems. Above all, understanding the pros and cons of each of these procedures is important to be aware of when hiring a professional to unclog your drain.

Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating offers free estimates to help you determine a professional and quick solution to your clogged sink drain. At Kulk’s, we can diagnose the source of the problem and remedy it correctly. We also offer emergency plumbing services, so in the event that your plumbing needs immediate attention, we are here for you.