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Benefits Of A High Efficiency Water Heater

HE Water Heater

Any warm or hot water that circulates through your home to be used to bathe in, wash dishes with, do laundry, etc. has to go through a “warm up” process that takes place within your water heater system. A water heater is a tank within your home where water is both heated and stored. When it comes to choosing the type of hot water heating system you want to use in your home, there are several options. However, many homeowners today are opting for a high efficiency water heater because of its many benefits.

Here are some of those benefits of  a high efficiency water heater:

  1. Water heaterReduced Energy Costs – A high efficiency water heater uses less energy than a standard water heater. One of the features of high efficiency water heaters that contributes to these energy savings, is that they take less time to heat water. Switching to a high efficiency water heater will save you money, but how much money is determined by several factors, including the actual water heater you purchase. The efficiency will be rated by the Energy Factor (EF) – The higher the number, the higher the savings. This information can be found on each tank on its energy guide label.
  2. Tax Benefits – This may come as a surprise to you, but a high efficiency water heater actually qualifies you for a tax rebate. Why? Well, these state tax incentives are put into place to encourage consumers to participate in environmental resource management. Your high efficiency water heater is one category of appliances covered in these federal tax incentives for energy efficiency. Credits will vary from state to state.
  3. Low Maintenance & Convenient – Frequent maintenance and water heater service is not necessary with an energy efficient water heater. Because of the advanced technology used to produce them, manufacturers adhere to high standards to guarantee efficiency. Additionally, HE water heaters are generally small and compact designs, making them more convenient and less burdensome. Tankless models also have a regulated maximum temperature that is set by the manufacturer, eliminating the risk of scalding, due to water heating to excessive temperatures.
  4. Eco-Friendly – It should be no surprise that a unit that is high efficiency and uses less energy is eco-friendly. By using less energy, these systems also produce minimal greenhouse gases that are harmful to our environment. Continuing with the theme of efficiency, these water heaters are also made with replaceable and recyclable parts, creating less overall waste.
  5. High efficiency water heaterLess Water Waste – A tankless high efficiency water heater system utilizes less water because they do not use a storage tank, but instead they heat water on demand. This reduces overall water consumption, decreasing your water bills (bringing us again to that reduction in energy costs point). Depending on where you live, water costs may be high, and purchasing a high efficiency water heater can go a long way in decreasing monthly consumption bills.
  6. Durability – High efficiency water heaters actually have a longer life expectancy than conventional heaters, typically lasting an average of 20-25 years. Whereas, a conventional water heater will generally last only 7-15 years.

When looking to purchase a new water heater, you may notice that the upfront cost of a high efficiency water heater system is greater than a conventional water heating system. However, when you consider all of the long-term benefits and cost savings created by using the HE system, in the long run you may actually be saving money. With reduced energy bills, less water waste and general waste, a system that lasts almost twice as long, tax benefits, and a low maintenance system that requires very little servicing, the long-term pros likely outweigh the con of the upfront investment.

If your home is in need of a new water heating system, when considering your options, make sure to consider a high efficiency model and all of the benefits that comes with it! Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating can help determine what system is best for your home, and provide installation and maintenance services. Both functionality and efficiency are important to us. Contact us today for your free consultation!