Sewer Repair Services

Sewer lines that do not work properly, are damaged, or are malfunctioning can cause damage requiring costly repairs. The plumbing professionals at Kulk’s Plumbing & Heating can help! We are trained to identify and repair broken pipes, clear sewer blockages, and repair corroded sewer lines/pipes.

Regular clogs in your drains may be the result of root growth, deterioration, and/or corrosion. We are able to offer zero dig solutions to get your pipes back to like-new condition.

Leaking sewer lines can often go unnoticed, but are causing damage none-the-less. Dye tests are available in order to detect any leaks that may be present within your sewer system.

Both residential and commercial sewer lines experiences much wear and tear in the form of clogs and blockages. A well-functioning sewer system is crucial to any home or business. A wide variety of residential and commercial sewer services are available to help prevent, repair, and diagnose issues that may be present.